Miami Police Seeking Female Serial Bank Robber


A female robber has hit 10 Miami banks and credit unions since April — three of them this month — with notes threatening to kill people with an unseen weapon if tellers don’t give up the cash, says the Miami Herald. The robber wears a bandanna or floppy hat, and dark sunglasses. “She’s very good,” said Hialeah police detective Domingo Hernandez. He said she has taken nearly $80,000.

A female serial bank robber is very unusual. “Usually, when you are dealing with a female, it’s a one-time deal and it’s because they are desperate,” said Miami-Dade detective Jerry Starkey. If the Miami robber carries a gun, she has never displayed or fired it. She doesn’t talk much, relying instead on notes demanding money and implying she has a weapon. She has taken back nearly all of the notes, depriving detectives of key evidence.


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