A Constitutional Right To Driver’s License For ID?


A record producer cited for speeding in a school zone is challenging a Louisiana state law allowing police to seize driver’s licenses pending the outcome of some traffic cases, the Associated Press reports. John Fischbach says in the case that picture identification is required to exercise many rights; he argues that seizing a license without a hearing or the chance to post bond is unconstitutional.

The lawsuit seeks a ruling that the law unconstitutionally deprives people of the identification needed for financial transactions, access to public buildings, and airline travel. “Try and get on a plane without a photo ID,” said Fischbach, who added he has been able to continue air travel only because he holds a passport, unlike many other citizens.

Link: http://www.nola.com/newsflash/louisiana/index.ssf?/base/news-12/1098448454246770.xml&storylist=loui

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