Gun Issue At Play As Kerry Goes Hunting In Ohio


Senator John Kerry is hunting for geese and votes today on a supporter’s private property near Youngstown, Ohio. As Kerry goes hunting, the Associated Press reports, readers of the Youngstown newspaper will see a full-page ad from the National Rifle Association that says Kerry is posing as a sportsman while opposing gun-owners’ rights. “If John Kerry thinks the Second Amendment is about photo ops, he’s Daffy,” says the ad the NRA said would run in The Vindicator. It features a large photo of Kerry with his finger on a shotgun trigger but looking in another direction.

Labor unions have been circulating fliers among workers that say Kerry won’t take away guns. “He likes his own gun too much,” says one of the fliers from the Building Trades Department of the AFL-CIO that features a picture of Kerry aiming a shotgun. Hunting is of particular interest in several of the states that are still up for grabs in the presidential race. Kerry bought his hunting license last Saturday in one of the most critical — Ohio, which has 20 electoral votes. Kerry bought the nonresident license and a special wetlands habitat stamp, which lets him hunt waterfowl.


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