“Horrific” Evidence In Texas Prison Sex Slave Case


A federal appeals court has allowed a homosexual former Texas inmate to pursue a lawsuit charging that he was a “sex slave” in the state prison known as Allred, reports the New York Times. Roderick Johnson says a prison gang called the Gangster Disciples bought and sold him, and rented him out. Some sex acts cost $5, others $10. The court called the evidence “horrific.” “I was forced into oral sex and anal sex on a daily basis,” said Johnson, who has lived in Austin since his release in December. “Not for a month or two. For, like, 18 months.”

Prison rape has had more attention since the passage last year of a federal law that aims to eliminate it. There never has been a comprehensive study of incarcerated gay men subjected to sexual abuse. Carl Reynolds, the general counsel of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, said Johnson’s complaints were properly handled. Reynolds said the problem of prison rape was real and that Texas was committed to solving it. The new federal Prison Rape Elimination Act, says that, by a conservative estimate, 13 percent of U.S. inmates are sexually assaulted in prison. The law calls for research into the problem by the Justice Department. The organization Human Rights Watch in 2001 told of sexual slavery reports from prisons in Texas, Illinois, Michigan, California, and Arkansas.

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/10/16/national/16rape.html?oref=login

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