Where Are Fl. Sheriff’s Missing Guns, Other Gear?


Missing equipment has become an issue in the Orange County Sheriff’s race in Orlando, Fl. The Orlando Sentinel says that incumbent sheriff Kevin Beary is scrambling to find missing shotguns, pistols, computers, cameras — even a grenade launcher. Beary ordered the search last Thursday, a day after the Sentinel requested inventory records under Florida’s public-records law. The issue has been raised by Beary’s opponent in the November election.

Records show some of the missing property, including at least 10 12-gauge shotguns, have been missing for a year or more. The Sheriff’s office said it had located a military-surplus M-16, a grenade launcher, 16 shotguns, and 15 handguns that couldn’t be found more than a year ago. Democratic challenger Rick Staly, Beary’s one-time second-in-command, blasted the incumbent for lax leadership. “The accountability seems to have broken down. There are guns missing. Not only does it endanger the public, but what about the deputies who might face these guns when they respond to a 911 call?” said Staly, who was once shot in the line of duty. The SWAT team hasn’t foundseven body-armor vests worth $1,400 and three laser gunsights. Six radar units used to catch speeders are gone. Undercover surveillance equipment, including a $1,100 transmitter, a $3,600 tracking device and a $1,200 hidden recorder, can’t be found.

Link: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/orange/orl-loclost07100704oct07,0,6863043.story?coll=orl

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