Gun Maker Offers Credit-Card-Size Defense Weapon


A Minneapolis gun maker is offering a new firearm that could almost fit in your wallet, the Associated Press reports. It’s a two-shot weapon made from a piece of metal the height and width of a standard credit card, and about a half-inch thick. Each barrel fires seven standard steel BBs. It will sell for $100. “This I can see being the ultimate self-defense weapon,” said Mark Koscielski, owner of Koscielski’s Guns and Ammo. Koscielski and Patrick Teel, who makes the guns in suburban Blaine, Mn., gave the Associated Press a preview. The credit card-sized shotgun is a muzzleloader, meaning it doesn’t use shotgun shells. The user has to measure out some gunpowder, pour it in each barrel, drop seven BBs in each barrel, and tamp in a small wad of paper. Salesman Mike O’Brien, of Joe’s Sporting Goods in St. Paul, said, “Us guys here would consider something like that useless. A .177 caliber BB is ballistically a joke, OK? I’m sure it could cause injury and damage, but as a self-defense weapon, no. Not to anyone familiar with firearms.”

The Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence called the device “a silly, silly idea.” Said spokesman Peter Hamm: “I don’t know that I would want to have one of these in my pocket for my own personal safety, never mind the safety of those around me.” Teel said the main value of the new gun is that it gives the owner a chance to get away from an attacker.


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