Oklahoma Urges Other States To Copy Its Meth Law


Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry, citing the success of his state’s new anti-methamphetamine law, is recommending that other states take the same course. The Associated Press reports that in a letter to other governors, Henry said Oklahoma has reduced the number of illegal meth lab seizures by almost 50 percent since the law was enacted in April. Clandestine meth lab seizures in Oklahoma between April and July totaled 263, down from 423 seizures in that period a year ago.

The new law requires that the tablet form of pseudoephedrine be sold from behind the counter in pharmacies. Customers are limited to buying nine grams each month. Pseudoephedrine is used in many popular cold medicines. In recent years, it has become the main ingredient in making meth in Oklahoma and other states. In Oklahoma, those buying the drug must present photo identification and provide their signature. The law allows judges to deny bail to chronic methamphetamine offenders.

Link: http://www.newsok.com/article/1327984/?template=home/main

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