Judge Says He Erred In Lowering Stab Case Bail


A Baltimore judge said he apparently erred in June when he cleared the way for the release of a man who was charged with stabbing his former girlfriend and now is being sought for allegedly threatening her with a shotgun, says the Baltimore Sun. “I listened to the evidence, and I thought what I did was right,” Baltimore City Circuit Judge Thomas Waxter Jr. said yesterday of his decision to lower bail for Larry Duane Thomas from $100,000 to $10,000 and order the man into home detention. “You try to figure out what’s right. You make mistakes. That’s part of it. This was a mistake.” Thomas, 41, is charged in a warrant with attempted first-degree murder, burglary and assault after allegedly threatening his ex-girlfriend on Saturday – once with a knife and once with a shotgun. Victims’ advocates worked to relocate the woman, and administrators at four nearby schools kept children inside for a second day.

Police tried to arrest Thomas Saturday at his home, but he fled into the woods with a shotgun before officers could surround the house.

City prosecutors expressed frustration that Thomas would have been in a position to allegedly threaten his ex-girlfriend. They cited a long criminal record. In April, Thomas allegedly attacked and threatened to kill the woman while the two were driving in Baltimore.

Link: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/local/bal-md.fugitive29sep29,1,7058517.story?coll=bal-local-headlines

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