Magazine Sales Up After Assault Weapon Ban Dies


The expiration of the federal ban on assault-style rifles was expected to trigger a wave of buyers. It isn’t happening in the Atlanta area, says the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Even if the demand were there, the supply isn’t, says Scott Blake of David’s Gun Room in Norcross, Ga. After 10 years of turning out “sporterized” civilian versions of military-style rifles, “the [firearms] industry will take a while to catch up,” Blake said.

At Bernie’s Sporting Goods in Lilburn, owner Bernie Esguerra said that while there has been no drastic increase in rifle sales, large-capacity magazines for certain guns once banned and now legal are in demand. “We sold out of most of our magazines the first day” after the ban expired, Esguerra said, adding that more than 20 back orders are pending for 15- and 32-round clips. “The biggest change is people coming in with the misconception as to what this is all about,” Blake said. “We’ve had people showing up asking for machine guns.” “There is a lot of misconception; it gives me a lot of headaches,” Esguerra said, citing questions he’s fielded from the media. “A lot of people called using terms like ‘automatic’ or ‘assault.’ They [the media] scared me more than anything else.”


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