Martha Stewart Due For Prison Camp October 8


Martha Stewart will go to prison, probably in Connecticut or Florida, on Oct. 8. Stewart likely will go either to the federal prison camp in Danbury, Ct., which has 185 inmates, or Coleman, Fl., which has 488, says USA Today. Inmates are in the same room or cubicle with from one to 13 other people. Everyone gets a locker, a chair, and a writing surface.

Prison camps are designated minimum security andinmates are screened carefully for violence. Only those who are sentenced to fewer than 10 years or have under 10 years left on their sentences can go to a camp. Michael Santos, a drug dealer and author serving a sentence at New Jersey’s Fort Dix prison, notes that inmates in camps may have been moved from higher-security prisons because their release dates are near. Stewart faces five months of home confinement after she is released from prison in March. She will be allowed to work 48 hours a week in her sentence’s second phase.


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