Mass. Indicts 4 in Motor Vehicles License-for-Sale Scam


Two former Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle employees and two suspected middlemen were indicted by a grand jury yesterday on charges of taking bribes in a corruption scheme that authorities say improperly reinstated suspended or revoked licenses to drivers, reports the Boston Globe. Henry Fenton, 29, and Chris Massey, 25, were arrested in May after making what authorities said were suspicious entries on RMV computer systems while working in the Chinatown office from June 2003 to January.

The entries resulted in the ”improper reinstatement of multiple licenses” that had been suspended or revoked for numerous drunken driving or drug and traffic violations, the attorney general’s ‘s office said. Fenton and Massey were paid $300 to $1,600 by each party whose licenses they reinstated, the attorney general’s office said. Hector Ross, 27, and Johnny Toussaint, 28, who allegedly operated as middlemen by collecting fees and rounding up potential clients, were also indicted yesterday. All four men were indicted on one count each of bribery, conspiracy to commit bribery, and conspiracy to file false reports.


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