Sledding Milwaukee Officer Charged With Fraud


A police officer who was hurt while sledding on duty has pleaded guilty to insurance fraud. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said the case is the last criminal charge in an embarrassing episode for the Milwaukee Police Department. Kevin Clark, 35, the third officer charged in a case that involved five officers, was fined $500. Clark had told a worker’s compensation official that he was hurt chasing a prowler, and received $11,485 in injury pay. “Obviously, it is not the brightest idea to go sledding on duty, but it was not criminal,” said prosecutor Jon Reddin.

The officers admitted to sledding while on duty; Clark crashed his sled, breaking several ribs. The officers said Sgt. Brian Hinkle, who also was at the sledding hill, came up with the idea of concocting a crime scene to cover up the injury. They took Clark to a school, parked his squad car there and then two officers pretended to find him. They reported that Clark chased a prowler and fell, hurting himself so badly he couldn’t call for help. Police Chief Nannette Hegerty visited Clark in the hospital and signed commendations for the others, who still face charges.


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