Prosecutor Details Bryant Evidence In Aborted Case


The rape case against Kobe Bryant was strong but could not proceed because the accuser was sick at the “awful anticipation” of going through with the trial, prosecutor Dana Easter told the Rocky Mountain News. Easter said the case could have been proved by the woman’s injuries from a “violent sex assault,” the NBA star’s own statement to police, and three witnesses who saw the woman the night of the alleged rape. “One of the sad things is (she) did not get to tell what happened to her, and I don’t know that she ever will,” said Easter, a former nurse, has specialized in sexual-assault cases since 1989.

Easter said the woman told the first person she saw after her time with Bryant that, “he choked me.” Easter gave the newspaper a detailed account of the evidence on the case. Example: “The way he maintained control over her was to strangle her. It was very effective. You should try it out. You should get someone who is 10 inches or 11 inches taller than you and have somebody press your throat, your windpipe and your carotid arteries. Not only are you able to easily physically control someone when you’re strangling them, but it causes enormous fear to have your air supply cut off.”


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