Nevada Sex Offender Web Site Omits Addresses


Addresses of Nevada’s convicted sex offenders were supposed to be in the state’s online database, but the provision wasn’t included in the legislation that created the Web site, reports the Las Vegas Sun. Authorities are hoping to correct that problem; only offenders’ ZIP codes are available to the public on the site, Donna Coleman of the Children’s Advocacy Alliance, who helped get the database online, is working with Sen. Ray Rawson to draft legislation that would allow streets and block numbers to be posted. The legislation would also require sex offenders to renew their driver’s licenses once a year so the state can keep closer tabs on their addresses. The measure would eliminate a provision allowing offenders to be removed from the database 10 years after their conviction. “We want to make it clear that Nevada is no longer a place where sex offenders can hide,” Coleman said.

The site debuted in May. “Based on the public’s reaction we know people are clamoring for the addresses,” Coleman said. About 40 percent of the offenders have not kept the state up-to-date with their current address.


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