“Weak” Bryant Rape Case Dies In Colorado Court


The rape case against basketball star Kobe Bryant, dismissed by a Colorado judge yesterday after the victim declined to testify, was weak from the outset, says the Denver Post. “The prosecution always said somebody’s name was being dragged through the mud – it turns out it was Kobe Bryant’s,” said Denver defense attorney Larry Pozner. “One wonders if a thorough investigation would have spared everyone this agony.”

Legal analyst Craig Silverman called the case “an unmitigated disaster for true victims of sexual assault. It’s going to make it more difficult for these women to come forward,” Silverman said. He said the weaknesses stemmed from both the circumstances surrounding the alleged assault and evidence that emerged later. “She (the victim) assigned him (Bryant) that isolated room, she snuck away from her job to go meet with him, she engaged in expansive flirtation, she went in, showed him her intimate tattoos, engaged in intimate kissing and hugging, and when he took it further and she protested, he stopped. “Add what we learned since about Mr. X and his DNA,” Silverman said, referring to the DNA of another man found on the victim’s underwear, “and you have an acquittal.” The victim’s attorney, L. Lin Wood, said that her civil case against Bryant will move forward.

Link: http://www.denverpost.com/Stories/0,1413,36~28682~2374695,00.html

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