The Summer of Husbands Run Amok? Post Calls It a Trend


From today’s Washington Post: “Just when you thought it was safe to start planning that fifth wedding anniversary — a trip to Acapulco, maybe? or St. Tropez? — along comes the Summer of the Bad Husband. He’s everywhere — wide-eyed, twisting in the glare of television lights. Or, worse, in handcuffs. It’s enough to haunt the dreams of a dutiful wife with one too many heart-pounding questions: Who is this man lying beside me at night? Does darkness lurk behind that smile? Does he have another life? A secret bank account? A mistress?”

Wil Haygood’s story links accused murderers Scott Peterson and Mark Hacking with New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey, Kobe Bryant and O.J. Simpson in a bad husbands trend story. He writes, “We’re obsessed, of course. There are newspaper stories galore. And reports on ‘Dateline’ and ’20/20.’ Covers of People and cable TV movies….’I think it’s just the loss of family values,’ says David Conn, a former Los Angeles prosecutor.”


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