Liberal Terror Caught in TSA Airport Maw; Agency Says, ‘Whoops’


The Boston Herald’s take on the Ted Kennedy airport saga: “Sen. Edward M. Kennedy thought he’d been called every name in the book during his career – until airline ticket agents mistakenly flagged him as a terrorist suspect at Boston and Washington airports. The senior Bay State senator, one of the most recognizable political figures in the country, yesterday told how he was prevented from boarding three U.S. Airways shuttle flights last March in Boston, D.C. and New York because his name was on the federal ‘no fly’ list of suspected terrorists.

“Aides intervened in each case and eventually got him aboard the flights – but Kennedy said it took three calls to Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge to eventually get his name off the terror list…Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Ann Davis insisted Kennedy ‘is not on the list, not now or ever. His name was similar to someone else’s alias.'”


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