Salt Lake Paper Knocks “Incessant” Murder Coverage


National news media reporting on the Lori Hacking murder case should “go away,” editorializes the Salt Lake Tribune. The newspaper notes that her husband has confessed, so “incessant national media attention no longer serves any purpose.” As it has evolved, says the newspaper, “This is a local story, involving the pain of local people, investigated and prosecuted by local officials and thoroughly covered by the local media.”

The Tribune says the fact that Fox News, MSNBC, and “most disappointing of all, CNN – the Network of Record” are “hashing, rehashing and, most of all, speculating on the gory details of this single case is an excellent example of what’s wrong with the mass media.” The paper adds that “every minute spent by Larry King or Fox News on Lori Hacking or Laci Peterson is a minute they don’t spend on health care, education, environmental quality, national security, the economy, or other real issues that should be the center of public attention, especially in an election year. A nation full of people who know more about Scott Peterson’s defense strategy than they do about Donald Rumsfeld’s is not a nation that shows much ability to govern itself.”


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