Nichols “No. 1 Mass Murderer In US History”–Judge


Terry Nichols was sentenced yesterday to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the Oklahoma City federal building bombing after saying he is “truly sorry for what occurred,” reports The Oklahoman. “I pray that all who hold any hatred, bitterness and unforgiveness toward me, that they will find in their hearts to forgive me, as others have done, for this is the first stage toward true healing,” he said. Judge Steven Taylor imposed the sentence, saying, “You are a terrorist. Your crimes are historic in proportion. No one in U.S. history has ever been convicted of 161 counts of murder in one trial.” Taylor called Nichols “the No. 1 mass murderer in all of U.S. history.”

Nichols could not get a death sentence because jurors could not agree on that punishment. The trial ended June 11 when jurors deadlocked. The majority favored death. Nichols, 49, was ordered to spend life in prison without the possibility of parole on all 161 murder counts in his state case. He was fined $30,000 and ordered to pay $5 million in restitution, $1.63 million to a victims' compensation fund, and more than $4.4 million for his defense and security costs. He stopped short in his five-minute statement of directly admitting a role in the attack on the 1995 federal building. Nichols did not testify in his federal or state trials. His statement yesterday was the most he has said in court since he complained in 2001 about being railroaded.


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