Chicago Has Fewer Than 10 Antiterror Cops: Critic


The Chicago Police Department is under fire for having too few officers detailed to counter-terrorism and intelligence gathering, says the Chicago Tribune. Michael O’Hanlon of the Brookings Institution told the House Intelligence Committee yesterday that Chicago has fewer than 10 officers assigned full-time to counter-terrorism. New York has more than 500 in a large counter-terrorism and intelligence unit. The U.S. needs to beef up its local police intelligence and counter-terrorism operations, O’Hanlon said.

“New York City feels that cops walking the street have a certain knowledge of the city that more analytically inclined FBI guys may not. Chicago may have a lot more confidence in the feds,” O’Hanlon said. The Los Angeles Police Department, with 35 officers assigned to counter-terrorism, he said. The Chicago Police Department declined to confirm O’Hanlon’s number, but a spokesman said, “The FBI and the Chicago Police Department are very content with the level they have.”


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