Only in Florida: Escaped Tiger Killed by Cop; Owner Claims ‘Murder’

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In a tale with many only-in-South-Florida twists, a 600-pound tiger named Bobo was shot dead Tuesday, a day after it had escaped from the Loxahatchee-area home of a man who used to portray Tarzan in the movies, reports the Miami Herald. The shooting followed a 24-hour game of hide-and-seek, during which Bobo was spotted in various locales, pursued through slash pines and palmetto scrub by wildlife officers bearing tranquilizer guns, with the former Tarzan in tow. At one point Monday night, they seemingly had the big cat cornered, only to see him spooked by the whirring of TV helicopters above.

On Tuesday, they caught up with Bobo again, in somebody’s backyard. ”The tiger turned, took an aggressive posture, and lunged at the first officer with mouth open and ears laid back,” said a news release from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. It was the end for Bobo. Though declawed and domesticated, Bobo could have inflicted serious harm with his powerful jaws, wildlife experts say. “They murdered a poor helpless animal that only looked ferocious, as any tiger would, but Bobo had a heart of gold,” said the animal’s owner, Steve Sipek.


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