Bank Robbery Gang Stymies Washington-Area Cops

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A gang of three to five highly organized, heavily armed bank robbers has carried out six successful jobs in the Washington, D.C., area, netting $350,000. The Washington Post reports the heists unfold in minutes as the masked assailants threaten employees and customers with assault rifles and handguns and swiftly grab bundles of cash. Although no one has been seriously injured, the robbers have assaulted at least two bank employees during their crimes. They have fired weapons in three holdups. All six took place between 10 a.m. and noon in busy areas of the District and Maryland.

The robbers have stolen cars and vans for each holdup, sometimes weeks in advance, officials said. Targets appear carefully selected, near major roads that offer several ways to escape. The robbers likely are using lookouts. Their bulky clothing and masks have frustrated attempts to identify them, despite surveillance photos and tapes. After loading up on cash, the robbers have sped away, disappearing into neighborhoods where they ditch and burn their getaway vehicles. “These are not off-the-cuff robberies,” said one FBI agent.


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