Az Prison-Hostage Report Costly And So Far Secret


Republican opponents of Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano have spent nearly $400,000 on an investigation of January’s prison hostage crisis. For the money, says Arizona Republic columnist E. J. Montini, “we’ve gotten zero indictments and a 181-page grand jury report that a judge may not even make public.” After critics charged that Napolitano’s own probe was dominated by “lap dogs,” lawmakers asked Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley, a Republican who may run against Napolitano, for an “impartial” look into what happened at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Lewis.

Napolitano, Romley, the grand jury foreman, the newspapers and just about everyone else want the report released, Montini says. If the report criticizes Napolitano, her supporters will call it political, probably because it IS political. Montini’s conclusion: “we’ve wasted roughly $400,000 to study a prison crisis when the real crisis is that corrections officers can’t even collect the overtime they’re due because of budget problems.”


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