Boston Cops Shoot Mentally Ill Man To Death

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The second fatal shooting of a suspect by Boston police in less than a week had family members of the victim questioning the need for deadly force and authorities promising an investigation, says the Boston Globe. Luis Gonzalez, 58, described as mentally ill, was shot and killed by police in his apartment Friday night after he allegedly threatened officers with a knife and pepper spray failed to subdue him. His death comes less than a week after a 40-year-old Roxbury man was shot and killed by police after he allegedly pointed a gun at them during a chase. The shootings are the first uses of deadly force by Boston police since September 2002.

Neighbors said Gonzalez threw a window fan and other objects from his window. After two police officers entered his apartment, Gonzalez repeatedly came after them with the knife, prompting them to open fire. Margarita Gonzalez, the victim’s sister, who also lives in the apartment, told family members that she saw police officers break down the apartment’s front door and jump on her brother. Family members say that Margarita Gonzalez also suffers from mental illness. A community leader said he was told by a police official that the officers involved are six- and 10-year veterans of the force.


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