NRA Radio Show Broadcasts Anti-Kerry Message


The National Rifle Association has a new live radio program that spreads the anti-John Kerry message, reports Cox News Service. The show is on SIRIUS satellite radio and on The NRA says it has more than 400,000 daily listeners. Segments have included discussions of the Democratic presidential candidate’s vote to support a ban on some semiautomatic guns and on why the Massachusetts senator is unfit to be commander in chief.

Half of the NRA’s 4 million members live in highly contested states, said executive vice president Wayne LaPierre. LaPierre cited efforts by Kerry to highlight his upbringing as a hunter and fisherman. He has talked about how much hunting and fishing contribute to the U.S. economy and supports the Second Amendment. “Every vote he’s ever cast in the Senate in 25 years has been against the Second Amendment and guns,” LaPierre said. The NRA spent $17 million in the 2000 elections, much of it to elect President Bush. The group’s political action committee will have at least the same amount to spend on campaigns this year. Gun control groups see it differently. Blaine Rummel of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence says that if the federal assault weapon ban expires in September, Bush must “explain to voters why new Uzis and AK-47s are back on the streets. No matter what demographic you’re looking at, there is strong support for this legislation.”


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