Bryant Trial Start Predicted By Late August


Kobe Bryant’s rape trial could be under way by late August, says the Rocky Mountain News. A court session yesterday made clear that much remains to be resolved and that some concessions are being made to keep alive the hope of an imminent trial, something both sides want.

Prosecutor Dana Easter said on-again, off-again plans to re-test the DNA on sperm samples recovered on swabs during an examination of the 20-year-old alleged victim might be put back on the prosecution’s agenda, if an early trial date is not forthcoming. Judge Terry Ruckriegle said the window has closed on their re-testing options. The defense suffered a minor setback when Ruckriegle declined their request that he punish the prosecution for what defense lawyers considered inadequate evidence collection at the scene of the alleged assault. Bryant, 25, has admitted to committing adultery with the woman, who was working as a hotel concierge; the Los Angeles Lakers star has said their contact was consensual. Several significant rulings are due; one expected soon is Ruckriegle’s decision on a defense bid to have Bryant’s first statement to detectives – secretly recorded on a hidden microphone -thrown out as evidence.


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