Atlanta Jail Allows Ex-Con To Shoot Video Inside


The Fulton County, Ga., jail officer who cleared the way for a drug offender to film a rap video in a jail cell says he had permission from his boss, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The supervisor says he thought he was helping the jail officer scare a wayward youngster by allowing the youth to visit the jail. The young man, who had a crack cocaine conviction, brought in a three-member production crew and was allowed to use eight prisoners and three guards for about 30 minutes in the video, which was shot in a maximum-security area. Rapper “T.I.,” 23, was allowed on a maximum-security floor of the troubled jail to shoot the video.

“You know good and well nobody in his right mind is going to let a convicted felon come in and do a video, as short-staffed as we are,” Chief Deputy Caudell Jones said Saturday. Jones, second-in-command to Sheriff Jackie Barrett, says the officer wasn’t truthful with him about who was coming into the overcrowded and understaffed jail. There have been at least 10 escapes or accidental releases of Fulton inmates in the past two years. The latest occurred Thursday, when a woman walked out of the jail while she was being booked. She was caught Friday. T.I., whose given name is Clifford Harris, will speak to investigators today.


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