Long Island Schools Boss Got Slimmer on Tax Dollars


The Roslyn, Long Island, school district, which prosecutors say has been victimized by financial mismanagement, fraud and theft, got something for the $56,645 it paid to Dr. Steven Lamm over a decade: a thinner superintendent. The district made regular payments to Dr. Lamm, a medical doctor who said he treated Frank A. Tassone, the superintendent until last week, who had weight problems, says the New York Times.

In 1995, Dr. Tassone, once portly, was featured in a newspaper story in which he said he had lost 40 pounds with the help of Dr. Lamm. Dr. Tassone resigned last week as questions arose about what part he might have played in a widening financial scandal gripping the school district. School officials have said they are questioning a number of expenses that Dr. Tassone billed to the district, including $33,141 to a dry cleaner near his Manhattan apartment. They are also looking into more than $800,000 in payments to a company owned by a man who appears to be a roommate of Dr. Tassone.

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/06/17/education/17roslyn.html

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