Road-Kill Chronicles: Mystery of the Missing Moose Meat


The case began around 10 p.m. on June 12, 2003, when a truck hit a moose on U.S. 95 in Idaho just south of the Canadian border. A state conservation officer was dispatched to clear the half-ton animal but was unable to budge it. Later, local resident Cliff Kramer came by and picked up the moose, salvaging some flesh from the hindquarters and burying the rest. He said he lit a barbecue and invited over friends for moose meat.

Next, as his attorney put it, “Somehow the rumor mill cranked up.” The state fish and game authority began getting tips that Kramer was serving the road kill as lunch at his business, Feist Creek Resort. Agents went to the resort and confiscated some 300 pounds of moose meat and charged Kramer. But a judge tossed out the case against Kramer, and he is now suing the state. He wants his moose meat back. The state says the meat is missing.


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