Officials Eye Embezzlement in Long Island School District


From cars and computers to dry-cleaning and groceries – no personal expense was too big, or too small, to be charged to the Roslyn, Long Island, public schools, according to an investigation into embezzlement by school officials. A list of $7.8 million worth of suspicious transactions compiled by Roslyn’s former auditor identifies payments that include $33,141 to a dry cleaner used by former Superintendent Frank Tassone, $30,605 to a gourmet market in Oyster Bay not far from where former chief financial officer Pamela Gluckin once lived, $187,377 to car dealerships and financing companies and $551,569 to four companies owned by Gluckin or her husband, Harvey.

Gluckin has been charged with embezzling more than $1 million from the district, and prosecutors say the investigation could lead to her family members or other school officials being charged. Tassone has been suspended with pay while the district investigates whether he is also involved. School officials have said they are still investigating how much of the spending on the $7.8 million list represents misappropriated funds. The items are expenses for which there are no bills or other backup materials that were paid during Gluckin’s tenure with the district between 1990 and 2002. School board President William Costigan said the board did not know about any of the payments until “very recently,” when the tally was submitted to the board and the Nassau County district attorney’s office.


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