More Mo. Counties Accept Concealed Carry Permits


Two more Missouri counties–Clay and Platte–will begin processing applications for citizens to carry concealed weapons, says the Kansas City Star. State voters rejected concealed weapons in 1999 but legislators last year overrode Gov. Bob Holden’s veto of a new concealed-weapon law. The Missouri Supreme Court upheld the law but said the method for funding permit applications could be unconstitutional if it imposed an unfunded mandate on counties. Officials in Jackson County (Kansas City) will not accept applications for concealed-weapon permits until the funding situation has been resolved. As of yesterday, 87 of the state’s 114 counties, plus three police departments in Boone County, had submitted a total of 7,331 applications for concealed-carry permits. Kansas City lawyer Richard Miller said Clay and Platte counties were exposing themselves to potential lawsuits by taxpayers claiming the counties are violating the Missouri Constitution by spending money on the application process.


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