Man Bites Dog After Dog Bites Man — Oregon Tale


A man trying to escape from police in Bend, Ore., on Wednesday lit two small grass fires and bit a police K-9 on the head, reports the Bend Bulletin. It started with a call about an “unwanted person” in a house. “The people there had decided he was just a little out of hand and didn’t want him there,” said a Bend police officer.

By the time police arrived, Jeffrey Scott Sernett, 23, of Bend, had assaulted his 24-year-old girlfriend. Sernett fled on foot, lighting two grass fires. Police found Sernett hiding in an area filled with empty water pipes. “He was given several opportunities to come out of the pipe and he basically signaled (he did not want to come out) with his middle finger,” an officer said. When Sernett began reaching into an empty pipe, police were unsure whether he was reaching for a weapon and K-9 Amor was sent in to retrieve the man. Amor bit Sernett in his upper leg, at which point Sernett grabbed Amor by his harness, lifted him off of the ground and bit the K-9’s head. Sernett was arrested.


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