Austin Chief Praises SWAT Team For Not Firing


The Austin, Tx., Police Department’s SWAT and Critical Incident Negotiation teams resolved four difficult calls in the past six days without using deadly force. The Austin American-Statesman says that Police Chief Stan Knee called a news conference to congratulate team members. On Saturday, the teams responded to a possible hostage negotiation; the incident was resolved peacefully. On Sunday, they responded to a call that a person who was suicidal was barricaded; The person surrendered. On Monday, an armed man barricaded himself and threatened to shoot an officer; The man surrendered after five hours of negotiation. On Wednesday, an armed man, who police say threatened his relatives, barricaded himself in an apartment; The man, armed with a .44-caliber Magnum, fired five or six rounds at police before surrendering. Officers fired beanbag rounds and used a Taser stun gun to subdue him.

Citing one case, chief Knee said that, “the SWAT team, using great self-control, fired not a shot. This could have been a very hazardous situation, had they not had that discipline.” The SWAT team, with help from the negotiations team, has responded to 420 high-risk incidents in the Austin area since 1998 including barricaded or hostage situations and high-risk search warrants.


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