Cell-Photo Phones Become Evidence-Gathering Tools


A Ft. Worth, Tex., man caught a thief in his garage, pulled out his cell phone and snapped two pictures of the man — even before dialing 911, reports the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. Cell phones that take pictures are one of the newest ways to fight crime. Snapshots could help police nab criminals and gather evidence. “The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is true,” Grapevine, Tx., police Sgt. Bob Murphy said. “Any picture is better than no picture.”

A 15-year-old boy in New Jersey thwarted an abduction attempt last year when he took a picture of a man trying to lure him into a car. In Atlanta, a woman snapped a picture of a man who exposed himself to her in a parking lot. That photo led police to arrest a former school principal who worked at a high school. After he was charged with public indecency, he resigned. Police warn bystanders not to get carried away. “If a guy comes in with a gun, don’t sit there pointing your camera,” Fort Worth police Sgt. Jim Lankford said. “We’d rather have a live witness as opposed to a dead person with a phone full of pictures.”

Link: http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/metropolitan/2598797

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