Authorities Bust Chicago “Mafia Insane Vice Lords”


Leaders of a Chicago street gang that allegedly marketed crack and heroin with free samples at nearly 50 street corners, each grossing up to $5,000 a day, were arrested yesterday as federal agents and Chicago police fanned out to homes in the city and suburbs, reports the Chicago Tribune. Warrants were executed against more than 100 members and associates of the Mafia Insane Vice Lords gang; at least 57 were arrested as part of an ongoing effort by police and federal agents to target top leaders of gangs believed responsible for much of the city’s violent crime and drug trade. Last week, the alleged kingpin of the Black Disciples gang was arrested in a similar sweep. “It’s getting less comfortable being a gang king in Chicago these days, and that’s a good thing,” U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald said.

The alleged gang leader, Troy Martin, 49, a convicted murderer, was arrested at his family’s colonial-style home in suburban Bolingbrook. Authorities say Martin, known to his crew as “King Troy,” “Pops” and “The Old Man,” oversaw the collection of “street taxes” from drug dealers doing business at 47 locations. Guns, baseball bats, and beatings allegedly were used to keep upstart drug vendors out of the gang’s territory. In Thursday’s raid, officers seized 22 cars, a grenade and an assault rifle, $38,558 in cash, 2,100 grams of cocaine, 387 grams of crack and 100 grams of cannabis, police said.


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