Students Challenging Campus Gun Prohibitions


Students and gun-rights advocates are working to insure that laws permitting carrying concealed weapons are applicable on college campuses, reports the New Gun Week. The Utah legislature passed a law to force the the University of Utah to comply; issue may be headed for court. A graduate student has sued the University of Oregon at Eugene to defend his firearms civil rights. At Washington State's Central Washington University in Ellensburg, student Jusdan Pang is trying to to change an administrative code barring firearms on campus so that it provides an exemption for anyone–student or visitor–who is legally licensed to carry.

Pang lives in a housing complex on campus. As a student, he can pursue all of his hobbies–which include music, studying ancient Hebrew and Chinese–but one: shooting. Ellensburg, like many college towns, is located in “hunting country.” Students away from home find themselves with something of a dilemma; they may want a rifle or shotgun for hunting, yet face campus bans on guns.


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