One In 82 Arizonans Allowed To Carry Concealed Gun


About 67,000 gun owners legally carry concealed weapons in Arizona, more per capita than in Texas, says the Arizona Republic. The typical concealed-weapon permit holder is a middle-age white male; nearly one in five is female, including 52 pistol-packing women over 80, found the newspaper’s review of concealed-weapon permit data at the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The Republic says it reviewed the data to learn who is packing heat, where they live and why they choose to arm themselves.

One of every 95 Maricopa County residents holds a carry permit; in some zip codes, the ratio is as high as one of every 56 people.

Among other findings: One of every 82 Arizonans can legally carry a concealed weapon, compared with one of every 92 Texans and one of every 40 Utah residents. More than 13,500 women have permits, 20 percent of the total. Women account for 10 percent of Arizona’s 154,043 hunting licenses. More than a quarter of the permit holders are 50 to 59 years old. In the decade that concealed weapons have been legal, 750 permits were revoked, generally for felony or domestic-violence convictions.

Few permit holders have been accused of getting overzealous with their guns and few have helped to thwart crime, police say.

The 1-in-56 figure came in the suburb of Peoria. It is a quiet neighborhood, where the only crime wave has been a series of golf-club thefts from open garages.


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