Ga. “Black Widow” Trial Attracting TV Viewers


Court TV is attracting fans to the murder trial of Lynn Turner in Perry, Ga., who is accused of killing her husband with antifreeze. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says that some attendees are fans of Macon, Ga., native Nancy Grace, whose daily Court TV show “Closing Arguments” is being aired from a tent set up outside the Houston County Courthouse.

Live coverage of the case of Turner, a former 911 dispatcher in Cobb County, is drawing television and Web audiences far beyond the Middle Georgia community. She is charged with killing her husband, Glenn Turner, a Cobb police officer, in 1995. Lynn Turner is also the only suspect in the 2001 death of Randy Thompson, her boyfriend and father of her two children, who also was poisoned with antifreeze.

“We get a lot of interest in murder cases involving middle-class people where the crime is seen as both unusual and unexpected,” said Court TV executive Tim Sullivan. “Plus, with this second murder, it becomes more complex with this mysterious black widow quality.”


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