New FBI Miami Chief From Mueller’s Inner Circle


Jon Solomon, the new agent in charge of the FBI’s Miami field office, is a 21-year veteran. He joined out of law school and has never worked anywhere else. The Miami Herald says Solomon is “new era” FBI: buttoned-down, intense, hard-working, and “on message” with Director Robert Mueller’s vision to overhaul the bureau into a 21st century agency focusing on counterterrorism, domestic intelligence, and cybercrime.

Solomon was a key player in Mueller’s inner circle as the post-9/11 FBI started shifting from its traditional, statistically driven, reactive criminal investigative model to a proactive, computer-savvy, intelligence-focused agency. Solomon was the only career FBI agent on Mueller’s small, loyal staff. He traveled with the director and was frequently called on to gauge how policy and strategic decisions would play with front-line agents in the field.

Like Mueller, Solomon is legendary for putting in long hours and possessing a sharp intellect. There isn’t a lot of flash, but plenty of substance. He has made a low-key entry into the Miami office, the FBI’s fifth largest and one of the most diverse, where global, complex investigations — from the 9/11 hijackers and anthrax attacks to Cuban spies — have made international headlines. His second-tier priorities are in line with headquarters: attacking public corruption, civil rights violations, white-collar and healthcare fraud and organized- and violent-crime groups.


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