Home Confinement Not Prison’s Equal, Judge Says


A judge rejected as “patently ludicrous” an argument by a former Pennsylvania legislator that he should get credit on a prison sentence for a fatal hit-and-run accident for time he spent in home confinement, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Thomas Druce was ordered to begin serving the rest of his 2-4 year term immediately.

Druce, 42, has been in home confinement since he appealed his sentence in October 2000, monitored by an electronic bracelet subject to a nighttime curfew. Judge Joseph Kleinfelter admonished Druce’s attorney, saying he thought the idea of equating curfew with jail had a degree of “absolute absurdity,” noting “everybody’s got to sleep somewhere.” The judge said, “You ask that time spent at home in your own bed with your wife, something all of us look forward to, to be the equivalent of jail time.”

Dauphin County prosecutor Edward Marsico said the ruling offered the family of the victim, 42-year-old Kenneth Cains, long-overdue relief.

Link: http://www.philly.com/mld/inquirer/news/local/8608008.htm?ERIGHTS=-2218730727157978468

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