Top Ma. Cops Quit In Apparent Fight With Union


The two highest ranking commanders of the Massachusetts State Police abruptly announced their resignations yesterday. The Boston Globe says that state Public Safety Secretary Edward A. Flynn attributed the move to Superintendent Thomas J. Foley’s frustration over increasingly bitter squabbles with the troopers’ union. Foley feared that he had become a lightning rod for the union and that it was interfering with his efforts to prepare for the Democratic National Convention in July. Said Flynn: “He was being inundated with a large number of fairly petty grievances. He was concerned about the effect this might have on the organization’s effectiveness.”

Flynn said he and Gov. Mitt Romney urged Foley and his second-in-command, Lt. Col. Bradley Hibbard, to stay on when Foley told them Monday of their plans to retire the first week of June.

Referring to himself and Hibbard, who have a combined 55 years of service, Foley said: “We want to make sure our effectiveness in this department is at a peak. . . . You have to understand when it is your time. It is our time. We have the full support of the governor. This is our decision.”

The union contract expired at the end of 2003 and negotiations are ongoing.


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