Taxi Driver In Videotaped Attack Discounts Race


Four men involved in the videotaped beating of a Shreveport, La., cab driver Sunday night have been charged, reports the Shreveport Times. Allen Beasley, 40, plans to start back to work as soon as his cab is repaired, possibly today.

A bystander caught the beating and robbery on videotape and sold it to local television station KSLA-TV 12. Parts of the video aired yesterday on at least one national television news program.

Beasley said he already had picked up several passengers Sunday night when he stopped by a convenience store for gas. With cars blocking his ability to drive to a gas pump, Beasley said he motioned for the car to move. “I signaled to the car in front to back up, and they looked at me like I’d just given them a calculus problem. Then my car started to move up and down because this guy started jumping on the trunk.” After beating Beasley with a beer bottle and a belt, one person stole his wallet and nearly ran him over as the SUV his attackers were in sped away, he said. Beasley, who is white, doesn’t believe race was the reason he was allegedly assaulted by four black males. “It wasn’t race. It was class,” he said. “It’s always been the case that the lower class has to beat up on the upper class because they feel they’re being beat up on by the system, which is probably true. It has nothing to do with race in Shreveport.”


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