Bryant Case May Not Go To Trial Until Fall


It appears that Kobe Bryant’s sexual assault trial will take place well over a year after the incident occurred. The Rocky Mountain News says that Bryant will be arraigned between May 10 and 12. Eagle, Co., District Judge Terry Ruckriegle then must schedule the trial within six months. Eagle District Attorney Mark Hurlbert said the alleged victim’s family is hoping for a July trial, but that he believed prosecutors might not be ready for trial until August. Defense attorney Pamela Mackey said, “Late August or early September is the earliest that we could be looking at.” The alleged assault took place on June 30, 2003.

Denver defense attorney Lisa Wayne, who is nit involved in the case, believes that both sides were being overly optimistic.

John Clune, an attorney for the accuser, told Ruckriegle yesterday that her life had become unbearable because of the public scrutiny, harassment and “many, many threats” that have come in the wake of exhaustive media coverage of the case.


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