Boston Cops Will Need Outside Help When Dems Meet


As Boston police plan to bring in hundreds of reinforcements for the Democratic National Convention, the Secret Service has reportedly raised concerns about the size of the city’s police and fire departments, reports the Boston Herald. Secret Service officials said Boston has fewer resources than any other city where a major “national security event.” the Herald said.

Boston Police Commissioner Kathleen O’Toole said that regional tactical squads will be called in to help out, along with K9, motorcycle, and mounted units. An internal police memo shows that department brass are planning for up to nine days of 12-hour shifts for every city cop. The state police have agreed to dedicate nearly half of their 2,200 troopers daily for DNC security. The past three DNCs were in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York–cities with police forces of 9,200, 13,500 and 36,000, respectively. Boston has 2,200 cops.

Miami police Chief John F. Timoney, who has worked in two national political conventions, said, “In New York, there’s no problem to peel off 3,000, 4,000, or 5,000 police officers and dedicate them to the convention for the whole time. Suffice to say Boston will need assistance from the outside.”


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