Colo. Domestic Violence Unit Opens With Stamp Aid


Colorado Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell opened a new center on domestic violence funded largely with $750,000 from a a domestic-violence postage stamp he championed, the Rocky Mountain News reports. The University of Colorado unit will educate students for careers in domestic-violence prevention and would sponsor research into why many approaches haven’t put much of a dent into the problem.

The senator, who is retiring this year, had his own domestic-violence story: “My father wasn’t abusive unless he was drinking, but when he was, he’d hit my mother and knock her down. When I was 8, he knocked her down again. She very quickly went to the kitchen and got this huge iron skillet. She laid him out. And that was the best education he could get.” Campbell doesn’t recall his father ever hitting his mother again.

Domestic violence is more common in families where education is low and alcohol or drug abuse is high. It’s twice as prevalent in households where the woman has never been married, says the National Crime Victimization Survey.


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