Park Police Chief Vows To Fight For Her Job


U.S. Park Police Chief Teresa C. Chambers says she will fight to regain her job even if it takes years, reports the Washington Post. Her career has been on hold since December, when the National Park Service moved to fire her after she went public with concerns about money and staffing. Appearing yesterday on WTOP Radio’s “Ask the Chief” program, Chambers, 47, said that losing the badge and gun marked “the darkest day of my career.” She and her husband, Jeff, have sought support, and he has launched a Web site — — that gives her version of events. She is on paid leave.

Few are optimistic that the National Park Service will restore her to the chief’s position any time soon. Chambers told WTOP that she thought her supervisors would praise her for speaking out last year. She said then that her force needed $8 million more for 2005 and that in the long run, it might need to double in size, perhaps growing to 1,400 officers. She did not get the reaction or money. The current budget proposal calls for a $3 million increase for fiscal 2005.


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