Madison Unlikely To Collect In Fake Abduction


Except for a $100 police obstruction ticket, it could be difficult for Madison, Wis., to recoup any of the estimated $100,000 it spent in the Audrey Seiler phony abduction case, reports the Wisonsin State Journal. Assistant City Attorney Larry O’Brien said “there’s virtually no possibility” the law allows the city to sue Seiler for costs.

When Seiler was found Wednesday, she told police a man armed with a knife and possibly a gun was in the marsh or the surrounding area. A police helicopter and an estimated 150 officers, search dogs, and rooftop snipers took part in the search for the man.

“Are we a victim,” O’Brien asked, “or are we doing what municipalities and police departments” are supposed to do? Even if criminal charges are filed against Seiler, the city might be prohibited from collecting money from her, O’Brien said, because the city might not qualify as a “victim” under the restitution law.


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