Justice Unlikely In High-Profile Rapes: Column


“If rape has been committed and justice ever comes, it will be at a very high price,” says Denver Post columist Diane Carman of the Kobe Bryant and University of Colorado cases. Among other lessons that Carman lists: Don’t keep a diary (a diary has figured in the university case.) Also: don’t trust news reporters, whose “whole reason for living is to extract information about people and then tell everybody else. Rape-shield laws don’t apply to them; nothing is off-limits.”

Other lessons:

* Never get in a legal sparring match with a millionaire celebrity athlete.

* All athletes should get a notarized release before they have group sex, random sex, adulterous sex, drunken sex, kinky sex, or sex with a total stranger.

* When celebrities or sought-after football recruits are involved, the public will say the media are a joke. Then the same people will read every word about the case, sneaking into the 7-Eleven to buy sleazy supermarket tabloids and trolling the Internet for every salacious detail.

* In 90 percent of cases, it comes down to her word against his. Nothing more.

Link: http://www.denverpost.com/Stories/0,1413,36~28682~2046352,00.html

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