Go Vols! Tennessee Considers Automobile Open-Container Law


Tennessean lawmakers are once again mulling an open-container law that would ban drinking by passengers in automobiles.

The proposal passed a Senate committee this week.

Similar legislation passed the Senate two years ago but stalled in the House, in part because it was feared the law would cut down on the fun during road trips to University of Tennessee football games, reports the Tennessean.

“I think it’s more important to enforce safe driving laws than to drink a beer on your way to a football game,” said Sen. Jim Bryson. “People should be able to ride for three hours without a beer.”

Thirty-six states have laws banning open containers, while 14, including Tennessee, do not.

Some say the lack of a open container law is a loophole for drinking and driving because drivers pass their drinks to a passenger when the blue lights start flashing behind them.

Link: http://tennessean.com/government/archives/04/03/48813991.shtml?Element_ID=48813991

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