Firm Paid Ca. Official To Market High-Tech Device


A company paid George Jaramillo, fired assistant sheriff of Orange County, Ca., $25,000 to help market a high-tech product for law enforcement, reports the Los Angeles Times. A lawyer for Charles H. Gabbard, owner of CHG Safety Technologies, said FBI agents wanted to know what Jaramillo did for the $15,000 the company paid him in 2000 and 2001 and why $10,000 was paid to his wife in 2000. The firm hired Jaramillo to market a laser device that would allow police to disable a moving vehicle safely by shutting off its electrical system.

Gabbard told the FBI that Jaramillo introduced him to state and law enforcement officials who could help him win a state contract to market the product in California, said Gabbard’s attorney, John Gladych. George Jaramillo declined to comment; his lawyer said, “George maintains his innocence, and I believe he is innocent.” The OC Weekly, which disclosed Jaramillo’s consulting deal, said he listed up to $10,000 in income from CHG on an annual county ethics report.


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